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Dawn Cover Productions


Dawn Cover Productions has been producing football covers for over forty five years. The decision to set up the company in 1971 and commence full-scale production followed Stuart Renshaw’s successful publication of an experimental series of covers during the 1970-71 season. 

In 1971-72, he established the Official Football League Series (OFLS) and produced around 10 basic covers per season and they were a big hit from day one.  Covers were issued for most major events on the footballing calendar.  Demand grew for even more events to be coverd and by 1973, he had added a new Historical cover series and had also started to produce the occasional cover for his Commemorative Sports series. He also introduced the Football Association international match series in 1976, which ran for just under 6 years. 

From 1973 to 1980, the major European competitions each had their own dedicated cover series – European Cup, UEFA Cup and European Cup Winners Cup. In 1982, the OFLS was renamed the Official Football Cover Series (OFCS) and, along with the Historical series, has continued to this day. 

In 2003, Stuart introduced his hand crafted Postal History Series to produce small runs of covers for matches that don't fit into any of his other series - often at very short notice.

Since 1970, Stuart has produced over 6000 football related items, including covers, postcards, prints, phone cards & die cast vans.  Covers have been produced in a staggering range of varieties – signed, first day covers, multiple used covers and, in some cases, separate covers for every leg of a tournament. Add to this the fact that Stuart has designed hundreds of the handstamps used by Royal Mail on these covers, and you can appreciate how hard he has worked to make Dawn Covers the World’s leading producer of football covers. 

And, as if that wasn't enough, football is not Stuart’s only passion.  He has also produced hundreds of other covers covering such diverse subjects as Trams, Locomotives, Grand Prix Racing, Weather, Air Shows, Military Events and a huge range of bespoke commissions.



Dawn Digital Archive


The Dawn Digital Archive has been compiling images for over 10 years and is dedicated to documenting as many football-related Dawn items as possible.  Almost 5000 items have now been recorded, including many that are rare or out-of-stock. This number will grow as new items are produced and as long-forgotten varieties come to light.


There are still over 2000 football related items waiting to be digitised.


Click on the tabs above to see some rare items from the archive.


Contact: digital@dawncovers.com                         Last updated 2/8/2020

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